The Effects Of Social Media On Society

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Society as a whole lives constantly being watched by the social media, twitter, employers and even shopping surveillance cameras. Although each outlet has its different purpose for watching, there exist pros and cons. Social media may share a User’s individual lifestyles or events with just a touch of a button or a click of a mouse. Utilizing Twitter to monitor or view friends, family, or celebrity updates, which is a form of surveillance of people’s lives. An employer retains a watchful eye on a new employee to ensure they occupy the right fit for the company or can also watch to ensure their assets remain secure. Surveillance monitors property or assets to prevent theft, however, who are the true assets it monitors? The consumer in the store of course. Consumers are the bread and butter of the store, without the consumer, there are no sales, and if there are no sales, there would be no store. I refute the claim that the retail anthropologists’ surveillance of consumers is manipulative or unethical. In fact, the surveillance of consumers can serve both the retailer and the consumer by providing videos which show what products the consumer desires and buys, it can advise the retailer to place quality products in appropriate organizational areas, and provide not only the consumer, nonetheless the retailer with an overall superior shopping experience. When a consumer walks into a store, they identify what products they need to buy, whether it be an item that is a needed or a
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