The Effects Of Social Media On Society 's Youth

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A community can be affected by a numerous influences both negative and positive. One such negative influence on a community which has the potential to cause a horrible outcome on society’s youth. This health issue is psychological in nature, uses technology known as cyberbullying and is aimed at destroying the self-esteem of an individual. The old style schoolhouse or neighborhood bully is now replaced by one who uses anonymity to attack a victim for any number of reasons from jealousy, irritation, hate or just for fun. Anonymity allows a bully to harass, threaten and intimidate someone they would not normally belittle in person (Will & Clayburn, 2010). A cyberbully can be the instigator allowing others to add their comments to further the attack. Attacks such as this can have harmful results and potentially cause the victim to become withdrawn, depressed and suicidal. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter and others along with text messages continue the barrage of slander and hate throughout the day and night making removal of such material from cyberspace virtually impossible. The growing psychological health problem of cyberbullying is mainly targeted at teenagers, community involvement through education is needed to identify and help the victims and lead to ways of prevention. Symptoms & Diagnosis While anyone can become the victim of a cyberbully the main target of such an attack are teenagers. There are many teenagers using the internet for various reasons

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