The Effects Of Social Media On Society

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Since I was younger I have always been creative and interested in coming up with my own unique ideas. When it came time to think about my future career I decided I needed to be doing something creative and artsy. I was not quite sure what I wanted to do with my future that involved my many interests. Finally, I came up with becoming an advertising manager after getting my degree in business marketing. Advertising managers create interest among potential buyers of a product or service for a department, for an entire organization, or on a project basis. They must plan advertising and promotional campaigns and decide which media to advertise in, such as, radio, television, print, online media, and billboards. Advertisements and forms of social media have a huge affect on people, because it is mainly all that we see. Now these advertisements are meant to sell society on an idea or product, they are not meant to be negative in any way. However, some advertisements, mainly on social media websites, are affecting society, especially women, more than most people realize.
The whole point of an advertisement is to find a target audience, capture their attention, and sell an idea. Any person could log into any one of their social media accounts and see an advertisement for anything. Without advertisements, businesses would not be as successful and people would not be as inclined to give in to a new concept or item. People are easily persuaded, especially if it is a new trend.
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