The Effects Of Social Media On Society

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In a broad sense, Social media refers to elements such as websites, television, blogs, IM, and other applications that enable users to create and share various forms of content such as messages, pictures, and information, or to be able to participate in social networking. Social media depends on web-based applications, which allow a high level of virtual interaction on various levels such as social, professional, and educational levels.
Social media has had various contributions to the development of society on several aspects such as language and culture. These contributions brought both positive and negative results. This essay seeks to explore the positive effects of social media on the society. It is informed by the fact that social
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Regarding education, today, most children rely on web-based interactive forums that make learning fun and easier to understand. There are various applications that are available for the use by children, which offer the much-needed assistance. Not only do the children identify with such application, but they also understand concepts that would be harder to understand if they were taught without these applications. For instance, Animal Pants, Funbrain, Kids ABC Latters, and Play 123 are educational applications that comprise of learning and play content that are suitable for kids. These applications depend on the internet to run. In addition, some of them have interactive forums where kids can challenge each other online. All these features make the kids’ learning process enjoyable, easy, and effective (Dower 2015).
On security measures, the internet has various applications that enable parents to protect the security of their children when they surf the internet. Some of these applications include applications that are designed to block unwanted, inappropriate, and unsafe websites such as pornography websites from the access by children. In addition, there are applications that limit the authority of children to enter into online contracts. All these applications ensure that the children benefit from the numerous benefits the internet has to offer, while at the same time ensuring that the
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