The Effects Of Social Media On Students

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The Thanksgiving dinner where family that you have never met before comes in for a week and invades your personal space. You 're between the drunk uncle that no one really wants to sit next to and the Grandma you haven 't seen in forever, instead of engaging in conversation you pull out your phone franticly refreshing Instagram so talking isn’t asked of you. So many times we often turn to our phones for comfort to escape the awkward tension we are in, this gives social media a hold over us. “Social media is addictive precisely because it gives us something which the real world lacks: It gives us immediacy, direction and values as an individual.” - David Amerland. And as years went on the effect social media and texting has had on writing should be concerning for others. So the question we should pose is as writing in technology becomes more progressive do we loose our human connection/ emotion that would’ve been gained through writing in other forms? Drew Hendricks gives us a little glimpse into the history of Social media. Social media took off in 1997 allowing users to add a profile and connect with friends. In 1999 the first blogging sites started appearing allowing users to publish their thoughts and idea in the web for others to see. Blogging reminds me a lot of journaling in a sense you get what your mind thinks
Finn 2 out on paper but its a lot less personal relationship to between pen and paper verse a keyboard and a screen. As time flew by we started seeing life
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