The Effects Of Social Media On The United States

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Within the past several years, it seems as though racial tensions in the United States has made a very prominent reappearance. Social media has played a major part in bringing these events to the forefront of our social conscience. However, this seemingly “shocking” reappearance is anything but. The United States is a country that has such a decided issue with internalized and systematic racism that it seems absurd for so many citizens to be shocked by recent events. Trayvon Martin, John Crawford, Michael Brown, and Oscar Grant are many of the already too many names associated with the unfortunate circumstances. There is an unsettling feeling whenever an injustice that could involve race appears. An underlying fear of the conversation that desperately needs to happen. It is a difficult task to begin, but one does wonder when and if our country will be able to discard the emotional dishonesty regarding race and racism as well as the social, political, and economical institutions that lay the foundation. As time goes on and the makeup of this country shifts, so must the mentality. With the election of President Barack Obama, there were cries from many people of all different backgrounds that we were entering a “post racial” America. Six years later, those exuberant shouts are being silenced. There has always been and still is a bias towards minorities in this country. That bias along with the notion of criminality only perpetuates a stigma in society that makes it very…
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