The Effects Of Social Media On Working Hours At Emergency Health Services

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The paper examines the use of social media during working hours at Emergency Health Service (EHS) by the staff. Social media is a real addiction these days where everyone is so involved. The use of social media during working hours can sometimes be so deadly and the consequences of this irresponsible behavior can be so severe in emergency health care. The medical staff should be aware of the dos and don’ts of their duty for which an awareness program and a proper check is a must. Along with that the EHS staff should also take proper responsibility as it a matter of human lives. The data collection is done by the observation of the Emergency Medical services physicians so as to examine the usage of social media websites in working hours at emergency healthcare department.

This paper examines the use of social media during working hours at emergency health service. Emergency health services are a medical service in which a health worker is in a situation where a delay in care or leaving without it can cause a death of a person in need of assistance or cause irreparable harm to his health. Every person in the territory of the US has the right to receive emergency care, and all health care workers are required to give emergency assistance in the framework of its competence and capabilities at its disposal.
Social media become the vital aspect of society. Social media has changed the means of communication. Social media has many advantages and…
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