The Effects Of Social Networking On Academic And Social Aspects Of College Students?

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Katherine Suarez Literature & Composition II Prof. Oujo December , 11 2015 Research Question: What are the effects of using social networking in academic and social aspects of college students? Over the years, social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram among others have caused a great impact to the world. The new ways of social relations that causing a transformation in the habits and customs of society. This huge popularity to can be connected and share a lot of information within seconds with the outside world has made a tremendous impact, especially on college students. There are many studies created talking about the effects of social networks, but there are few that speak of academic and social effects that they cause…show more content…
We can see this on how college students use Facebook. This social network is used not only to socialize with people, but also to help to the freshmen students on college overcome their shyness factor. Transfer of high school to college is a big process which you can not afford it by your own. Students need new friends, professors that help them in this process. Some of these students may feel shy when it is related to making new friendships. However, by using Facebook ‘event tool’, students can organize meetings in order to get in touch with each other even more or keep light relationships with their classmates. Otherwise, shows that some of those less extroverted students may feel “a bit creepy” to show up at one of these meetings. These new students would feel uncomfortable going to a meeting and not knowing anyone. According to researchers have concluded that although Facebook is the most popular social network in United States where we can communicate, many college students prefer to use Twitter because it is more practical and easier to continue a dialogue, as it is just 140 characters per post. Twitter defines itself as "a network of real-time information that can connect to issues of concern. Simply, you have to look for interest accounts and follow conversations ". This makes students have had extended and richer discussions on Twitter more than in class. I think that
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