The Effects Of Social Networking On Society

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The Effects of Social Networking
Over half of the world uses the internet. 2.2 billion people actively use any kind of social networking. There were 176 million new users of social media just last year (Regan 1). With the influence of so many people a pressing question: Is the impact of social media harmful or beneficial in its effects? Social networking is one of the biggest reports of online traffic. So, if so many people are using these networking sites, what are the effects on us?
The “first” social networking site can be traced back to 1997 with The success of this new kind of website was quickly followed by other social networking sites such as MySpace (2003), Facebook (2004), YouTube (2005), Twitter (2006), Tumblr (2007), Pinterest (2009), Instagram (2010), and Google+ (2012). With the popularity of one site sprung many others. They each fought over the best user-generated content and their own design. On October 4, 2012 Facebook reached one billion monthly users making it the most used social networking site ever created. The online community has grow to just about half of the world population.
With social media being so widespread we must be mindful of the influence it has on us. On the topic of social media some say it is great and has many benefits; however, others believe there is more harm than good in using social networking sites. This is important because we base our decisions on what we know. We must be careful with our sources of
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