The Effects Of Social Networking On Society

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Sheena Gonzales Instructor Mushett Eng-123 10 June, 2015 The Effects of Social Networking Social networking websites (further referred to as SNS) are web based platforms in which people connect to other individuals that they already have a real-life connection to, locate individuals they have shared interests with, and they allow users to share information with others such as photographs, life events and thoughts. Being able to keep current with one 's personal group quickly and easily is one of the reasons SNS have become so mainstream (McKensie 436). The ability to communicate to a wide audience in real time has its benefits, such as maintaining friendships with people one would have otherwise lost contact with, giving shy people the ability to interact with others without feeling overwhelmed, and constructing new relationships with peers. In spite of the positive benefits individuals should restrict their use of SNS for a number of reasons, such as the fact that they repeatedly jeopardize the privacy and safety of their users, they have been discovered to cause peer envy in an extensive range of users which frequently leads to or exacerbates depression and/or depressive symptoms, and they also make available a platform for which cyberbullying has been conceived and continues to flourish at an alarming rate. Privacy and Safety The common SNS user has their privacy placed in jeopardy daily by their lack of knowledge regarding the site 's privacy statement. Although these
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