The Effects Of Social Networking On Society

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Society is constantly changing and will continue to change in the future. The change is predictable because people change their ideas, routines, and views frequently. One of the topics that is typically brought up when discussing the influences on how society is changing, is social networking. There are two sides to every story. One side of the effects of social networking is that it is beneficial to society by informing people on particular situations in the world and on current important events. The other side views social networking as dangerous and drama filled. While there are benefits and dangers to social networking's effects on society, I will argue that social networking has changed society more negatively than positively. First of all, social networking is dangerous for children, teens, and adults. To be specific, in stating the dangers for teens, (Allen) states, “ But in other cases, disclosure reaches a level that is troubling for parents and those concerned about the safety of online teens, and once children put this information online, they will never get it back”. This quote explains that teens will put their personal information on social media and once they put this information online, it will always be there. The information can always be found and brought back up. This is causing parents to be worried for their children because sometimes this can mean that teens will put their location online. There is also a way that apps can track individuals if they
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