The Effects Of Social Priming On Memory Formation

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The Effect of Social Priming on Memory Formation Isabel Rauchle Psy 110 - McCoy Nov. 30, 2016 In today’s society, and many generations before us, stereotypes have overrun how we think as a collective group. From the way we act around others to the way we perceive the actions and conversations around us, they are all influenced by stereotypes. Whether these stereotypes are taught to us from our parents, our peers, or through media influences, they are strongly embedded in our conscious mind and thoughts. In the United States, there are stereotypes of drastic proportions like claiming African-Americans are more aggressive and live a more criminal lifestyle, and there are stereotypes of much smaller proportions like claiming British people are bad cooks. No matter the level of intensity, stereotypes can be found everywhere in cultures all across the globe (Parr, 2015). We hear stereotypes being shared in casual conversation, supported in magazine articles, discussed in news reports, and exaggerated in TV shows and movies; they are advertised on billboards, pictured on sales posters, and used as selling tactics for certain products and certain companies. Has this constant presence of stereotypes in our daily lives lead us to be constantly primed to see and believe these stereotypes? In class we were told that we were about to see a sea animal; this was us being primed. Then we were shown a photo that could either be
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