The Effects Of Socioeconomics On Children 's Children

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Imagine a boy that has been teased mercilessly by his peers throughout his schooling because of his clothes and his free and reduced lunch status. He is constantly under pressure from peers to have the newest and niftiest gadgets; nevertheless, his mother cannot afford to provide food and permanent housing, much less, these extra luxuries. Therefore, he has to comprise with what his mother can afford. She tries to provide for her children and wants to offer them the world. Nonetheless, due to her economic situation, she cannot provide her for children adequately; they are forced to ask for aid from the government, close family, and friends. This situation brings light to the turmoil that socioeconomics brings upon children and that they need to endure to survive in this society. When it comes to socioeconomics, children are the utmost affected. Socioeconomics has long term effects, prevalently distresses children in school and in development. Through my friend’s experience that he has shared with me, it has allowed me to notice the harrowing effects that socioeconomics has on children. First, one may ask exactly what is socioeconomic status and other terms that surround this issue? Socioeconomic status can be defined as “an overall ranking of a person’s position in society based on income, education, and occupation” (Benokraitis, 2014, p. 142). Socioeconomic status can further be simplified in saying it is a classification system that is forced upon all people within a
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