The Effects Of Soft Drinks On Soft Beverages

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Considering that soft drinks are one of the most popular drinks to a lot of people all around the world, unfortunately, a lot of them love to drink it almost every day and may not live without it. Soda becomes addictive, preventing one from drinking what the body needs the most which is water. In the market, there is a infinite amount of choices with multiple varieties of flavors, different tastes, ranges from classic soda to diet soda. However, consumers do not recognize clearly the negative effect of soft drinks that have a high chance of eroding their health away. Some of these examples include dental erosion, energy intake, obesity and other health issues. Nowadays, people live a healthy life to avoid health problems, so taxes on soft…show more content…
Based on statistics, a can of classic coke contains 39 grams of sugar per serving. It is a huge amount of sugar that has been adapted into the system. Scientists started studies on the soft drink consumption and linked that amount of sugar in the soft drink which caused dental erosion, increase energy intake and related to obesity.
Generally, your dental hygiene becomes weakened when you lack the minerals that are needed. The higher the acidic level is within your consumption can be very brutal, it can make your teeth enamel softer and weaken your teeth strength. You end up lacking calcium which is supposed to make your bones stay strong. Soft drinks have the highest sugar and acid, yet lower the pH level compared to water. “It takes 32 glasses of water to neutralize a glass of cola” (Radomski, 40). Citric acid in cola makes a weakness of dental, changing the neutralization of saliva and destroys enamel surface as Ph.D. Manny explained the article Soft drinks and dental erosion, “Citric acid is the predominant acid in non- cola drinks and is especially erosive to teeth because it chelates calcium effectively” (Radomski, 41). If a kid drinks a can of soda every day, his enamel will be declining, stained teeth and cavities and plaque will start to build their teeth. Children’s teeth are new and weak, they must learn to take care of their teeth while they are young. Drinking a lot of soft drinks is a bad habit that most children have a hard time controlling. The oral
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