The Effects Of Soil Ph Soil Moisture, Organic Horizon Width, And Slope Of The Hill

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In this experiment we tested the effects of soil pH, soil moisture, organic horizon thickness, and slope of the hill, on the species dominance of specific trees along a hill in Charlottesville, Virginia, a city within the Appalachian mountain range. There were 5 transects, distinguished by pink tape, that started at the North end of the Hill and progressed down, then up the south side of the hill. Our data was then reflected upon F.E. Clements organismic approach, And Ramensky and Gleason 's individualistic approach. The patterns between each variable and the survivability of the trees there, allow us to understand the species variation and each species dominance at the site. We hypothesized that the variations in community ecology would influence other variables, and the tree species surviving in that space. However, we found that the p-values for each variable we tested against each other, moisture vs. pH, moisture vs. organic horizon, and pH vs. organic horizon, were not significant values, rejecting our null hypothesis. These findings at Ohill show the influence each variable has on the tree relative frequency and basal area. Understanding the various environmental conditions that affect our forests is doubtfully one of the most important factors in the survivorship of our forests ecosystems as they cover 30% of the land area on earth (Sandrine et al. 2006). The variables tested, although only sampled in a small sample size, reflect key issues in forests around the

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