The Effects Of Special Education On Special Needs Students

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Laws and policies related to special needs students are set in place to assist in providing an appropriate education in the most least restrictive environment possible for special needs students.

A Law is defined as a rule that is created by the government of a town, state or country. A law is created in hopes of settling a cause. Within the past 25 years laws pertaining to Special Education have evolved for the better of special needs students around the country. Prior to completing this assignment I had the opportunity to interview Danielle Jose-Decker who happens to be an experienced attorney with a background in criminal defense, family law, and traffic violations.

In the last 25 or so years special education departments have seen a huge improvement within the special needs educational system due to the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA). The story begins with a young boy by the name of hector that at the age of 6 began having mood swings in first grade. During classroom and recess time Hector was having a difficult time. Through observations Hectors teacher recognized his disruptive behavior and how it had affected his peers. Hectors teacher assisted in providing other methods that could help with his anger management, and social skills with other students. By the end of first grade it was noted that Hector had improved greatly. It was observed that he was engaged more in is assignments and that his
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