The Effects Of Special Needs On Children And Adults With Physical And Mental Disabilities

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1.Special Need Individuals Though history children or adults with physical and mental disabilities are vulnerable to physical and verbal abuse and neglection from their parents or guardian, because of the lack of knowledge on what a child is going through. Special needs people face many issues socially because they are perceived as outcasts; because they don’t fit with society norms. Social norms are a set of rules of behaviors that are acceptable to society and if people don’t fit with these norms they can be treated differently or given the cold shoulder. Due to these social norms, special need people face discrimination in schools, jobs, or in their own community. Special needs people also have difficulty to make new friends or acquaintances, they are more likely to get rejected due to lack of understanding of certain behaviors. Being teased by peers because of constantly having to live their life on an on-going loop and being unable to change their routine. Some economic stressors special need people or adults face is unable to maintain a steady job, not being able to work in loud crowed area without panicking, being seen as rude or weird by fellow coworkers because the difficulty of having eye contact while talking, talking excessively loud, or constantly asking questions or not being to communicate or bond with coworkers. Which can eventually make an employer dismiss a special need employee. Not too many businesses offer jobs or grant a chance to special need
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