The Effects Of Sports On Female Athletes

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Sports have been around for well over 2,000 years. It should be a source for all types of people to come together and respect each other. But, it has turned into an avenue for females to be recognized for gender differences. In today’s society, female athletes still don’t have equal respect to male athletes. In fact, women were excluded from the first Olympic games. Since then, women have come a long way in society to gain the respect that they deserve. Culturally it is the norm to see female athletes sexualized in the media. Unfortunately, the media plays a large role in many inequality concerns. This completely ties in with my major, sport management. It also ties in with the fact that I am a female athlete. Although I am not a professional athlete there are always signs of body image struggles within other athletes around me. I have been involved in sports my entire life and I can relate my personal story to this surprisingly well. I chose this topic because society puts so much pressure on young girls and what their bodies should and shouldn’t look like. Instead, society and the media should focus on creating a positive environment for females in sport. Strong should be the new skinny. There is a large audience that considers women to be inferior to men in sport. Female athletes are sexualized in the media, sexualizing themselves to create a brand, gender differences in sport and have potential future challenges in the feminist movement. Women in sport should not have to
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