The Effects Of Sports On My Life

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In order for me to live the healthiest, longest, and most enjoyable life, I must commit to a lifetime of physical activity. Ever since elementary school, I’ve been competing in sports for the enjoyment and maintaining a healthy physique. Because of such dedication to sports, I have developed a passion for soccer. Although I’m not on a college team, I’m still practicing with my friends and strangers playing pickup soccer whenever I have free time (typically 4-5 times a week). I have no doubt that without soccer in my life, I would have a much lower physical ability in terms of stamina, lung capacity, strength, and coordination. In order for me to maintain my physical capabilities and further progress in my passion, I must continue to play soccer. My plan is to continue to play soccer 4-5 times per week during the semester and workout on the weekends. These strategies will help in regards to my physical dimension of wellness and increase my quality of life. A key factor in having a high quality of life is having a sufficient amount of disposable income. Although it is said time and time again that having more money does not directly correlate to being happier, I have no doubt that the person living in a box next to a highway is less happy than the young man or woman who can afford to put themselves though college. This means I must be able to earn, at minimum, a living wage. In order to do this, I have to be intellectually superior and on a constant quest for

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