The Effects Of Sports On The Practice Of Sports

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Pain in Runners During the last decades and at the global level, there was an increase in the practice of sport. Within these practices, yoga, spinning, Pilates, Zumba, and running are popular. Running is the one that highlights in recent years as a economic practicing, to be able to be carried out at the recreational and/or professional, and the time for being the one that appropriate fits in the schedule. Considering that each day we have less free time to live under a tight schedule of school activities or work that limits our time in the area recreative, the running, emerged as the alternative recreational or sports provide great benefits such as are to prevent cardiovascular problems, lose weight, strengthen the muscles, and relieve the stress among others. Running is one of the inherent activities of human beings. There is no need of techniques or deep knowledge to begin to run. However, the run as a sporting activity requires some preparation for muscular avoid injury. Throughout the practice of sports may occur two types of lesions: acute or accidental lesion as falls, typical injuries of the sporting activity produced by overload, muscular problems, or inflammation of the tendon. Etiology One of lesions more communes in running is the syndrome of the iliotibial band which is tendinitis or inflammation of the tract iliotibial. The iliotibial band is formed by the tendon of the Tensor of the Fascia Lata and Gluteus Greater muscle, having its origin in the Spina

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