The Effects Of Standardize Testing On Students With Learning Disabilities

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The Effects of Standardize Testing on Students with Learning Disabilities: A Mixed Methods Research Proposal
Throughout the history of education the negative effects of standardize testing on students with learning disabilities had become a major issue for educators today (Kessler, et al., 2006). Kessler stated that a mixed method research proposal was used to examine whether or not a connection exist between students’ standardize test scores and testing accommodation. Kessler also stated that there are extending circumstances pertaining to the timeframe in which standardize test are being taken. According to Kessler the accommodation for testing students’ with standardize test indicates that it is more beneficial to accommodate students’ with standardize testing by adding extended time and classroom placement. Lee, Osborne, Hayes, and Simoes, (2008) stated that the mixed method research indicated that there is a relationship between tests scores and testing accommodation being provided to these students’ with learning. Also, Lee, Osborne, Hayes, and Simoes, (2008) indicated that this particular mixed method research uses interviews and surveys to conduct standardize testing of students’ with learning disabilities in order to determine whether or not testing accommodation indicates if a significant differences is found in student test scores. Lee, Osborne, Hayes, and Simoes stated that there are different types of testing conditions in which data has been taken from…
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