The Effects Of Standardized Testing On Student 's Intelligence Negatively

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Throughout the U.S., the number of standardized tests are increasing in schools and the excessive testing measures are affecting a student’s intelligence negatively. In the last few years, standardized testing have become a debate about if children are being tested too much and whether teachers are spending too much time preparing students for these tests instead of learning the curriculum. The new standardized test system is Common Core. These tests are administered in grades K-12 and have become a debate in Congress that this should be removed and replaced with something better that illustrates a student’s knowledge. There should be fewer standardized tests and the government should give more funding for schools that are struggling and poor-performing. The No Child Left Behind Act is federally funded and it sets certain standards for schools. Due to this act, schools put a big emphasis on standardized testing because this is how it determines a student’s intelligence. In public schools, teachers only teach what will be on the test, instead of teaching the actual curriculum. This is known as “teaching to the test”. Teachers advise students to study for the tests but they may not tell them what to study because they might not not know what will be on the test. After the students complete the test, they are graded and teachers are graded based on how students do on the tests. This adds pressure for students to do well on the test because teachers could get fired for not
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