The Effects Of Stereotyping

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A year ago, a guy asked me, “Have you ever ate dog and cat meat?” and it makes me think of he think all of the Asian would eat dog and cat meat. This experience make me feel very upset and think about how many people had been stereotyped in the world. This experience makes me think about why people can stereotype others by their appearance. Although, there are innocuous stereotype, most of it is offensive and served it as an insult. Also, there are stereotypes of one’s religion and race that would impact our lives negatively. Religion and race would cause offensive stereotyping for stereotypees to live in the world of stereotypers’ harsh comments about their ethnicity.
To begin, stereotypes of religion would make people scared about letting the other know what they believe in. Stereotypers would have a thought of the stereotypees about they good or bad. According to Tasneem Chopra’s Ted Talk, she said something like people always think Muslim are bad. Because of the stereotypes of all the Muslims would carry a bomb and damage like what they did in 911. Just like how Chopra experienced in the downtown talks about a guy asked her where she is hiding the bomb. Moreover, she chose to reply him in a funny way
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There have two stereotypes that caused offensive stereotyping based on religion and race. Offensive stereotypes would make the stereotypees have some bad feeling, such as scared or upset, so this is a hype that we have to exceed or overcome. In the Ted Talk, Chopra said, “Stereotypers and stereptypees both have the responsibility to change people how to think of your stereotypes.” The best way to exceed to hype is communication. People can exceed the hype, if they can make the other know the positive side of their stereotype. If people can do it, the hype will disappear, like Chopra said " Can you hear that? That is the sound of another stereotype disappearing
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