The Effects Of Steroids And The Impact On Athletes

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For my supporting article, I will be researching the drug abuse in sports. There are numerous aspects within this topic, some of which will be highlighted within my research. Firstly, I have chosen to write about steroids and the impact they have on athletes. I decided to choose this topic as I consider myself an athletic person and believe this is a perfect subject for me. I found a lot of my information on the topic from which has helped with my research. It is important to try and understand why athletes take steroids. Each individual will have a different reason on why they have decided to use the performance enhancing drugs. These can range from wanting to make the team itself, impressing…show more content…
These specific steroids are man-made and are available legally under certain circumstances. They can be prescribed to an individual by a doctor to help treat conditions where the body produces a low amount of testosterone, body wasting in diseases such as AIDS which leads to a loss of lean muscle mass. In 2015, it was found that as many as 1,084,000 of Americans have used anabolic steroids and that 80% of them believed that the drugs could improve their athletic performance to enable them to reach their athletic goals ( However, steroids cannot improve an individual’s athletic skills and agility, these are down to various factors such as generics, body size, sex, age, diet and the training regime. Athletes abuse anabolic steroids as they believe it will enhance their performance and improve their physical appearance. These can be taken both orally and injected through the use of needles. Typically, steroids are taken in a method known as cycling, which means that they are taken in cycle of either weeks or months. This allows the individual to take doses of steroids over a period of time, stopping the process for a certain amount of time to again start back up. The number of players within the National Football League (NFL) that abuse steroids is unknown. However, there have been
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