The Effects Of Stigma On Patients With Schizophrenia

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The Impact of Stigma on Patients Diagnosed with Schizophrenia
Randip Dhaliwal
University of Calgary
ACWR 303
March 21, 2015
The aim of this paper is to explore the various effects of stigma on individuals struggling with schizophrenia. The research discussed will account for the causes of stigma and potential solutions that should be set in place in order to reduce feelings of shame or humiliation among patients. Relevant journal articles were found through the use of PubMed and the studies analyzed were conducted among individuals who had previously received a diagnosis for schizophrenia. Results indicated that stigmatization and discrimination had an overall negative effect on the well-being of patients. Findings of the research also indicated that media outlets often depicted individuals with schizophrenia as intrusive or violent. Thus, the research presented throughout this paper emphasizes the need for awareness among the general community about the causes and effects of stigma and its ability to remain persistent within society.
Keywords: Stigma, schizophrenia, discrimination

The Impact of Stigma on Patients Diagnosed with Schizophrenia
According to Smith and Segal (2014) schizophrenia is a disorder associated with brain function that has the ability to change the ways in which an individual "acts, thinks, and sees the world" (Smith & Segal, 2014, "What is Schizophrenia," para. 1). Symptoms of schizophrenia can be separated into both positive and…
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