The Effects Of Store Remodeling On Sales

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In this argument, I will be examining three researched articles that are relevant to the research study, of (Comparing the effects of Store Remodeling on Sales). These articles seek to explore the possible contingencies or successful resources, which are critical in undergoing a research study of this topic. An analysis of the issues or successes will be explained, however, if the potential risks of performing such a research are major, an assessment of an alternative action will be argued for.
Customer Loyalty Isn’t Enough. Grow Your Own Wallet. There are few problems that are relevant to the choice research topic; one of these problems is the notion of remodeled stores accepting an increase in sales and high customer satisfaction scores as a very good rank of performance on sales. However, Keiningham
Aksoy, Buoye, and Cooil (2011) argued that, if growth is what you’re after, stop watching your scores and start paying attention to your rank” (para. 12). This is a great issue as it relates to the research topic of (comparing the effects of store remodeling on sales), even though, a plethora of researched articles have argued factually that a remodeled store statistically does increase a store’s revenue. Keiningham, Aksoy, Buoye, and Cooil conducted a two year research, in which they followed 17,000 customers who did not argue against this fact, nevertheless, their data reveal a critical aspect in measuring longitudinal sales performance. The study revealed that even

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