The Effects Of Stress Levels On Students Lives

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This film is about stress levels in students lives. It was about the pressures of balancing homework, studying, sports, extracurricular activities, and family life. It chronicled elementary age students, high-school students, and a couple of college students. This movie stated how students have pressures from family, coaches, and society to push for the best and nothing less. They want to earn excellent grades and test scores to get into the top Ivy league schools so that they can ultimately get a job where they are earning a lot of money. This movie mentions that children were becoming stressed and suffering anxiety attacks and depression because of all of their workloads. It even mentions the story of a thirteen year old girl who unfortunately committed suicide because the fear of failing was too much for her. Another girl developed an eating disorder because she found her not eating caused insomnia so she could stay up late and study. I agree with everything that was said by those who were interviewed in this documentary. I personally have always been expected to make good grades. I also have been doing dance since I was four years old and it was difficult even in elementary school to manage dance classes with school work. I would have to manage a six hour school day, homework, and dance class in two hour intervals three times a week. When I went to high school almost all my classes were honors so the work load could get intense. At this time I also took on hockey…
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