The Effects Of Stress On Adolescents And Adolescents

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Everyone is effected by different variations and factors of stress in their daily lives, but many remain unaware of the damages they may be causing to their health. American teenagers are just as stressed, if not more stressed, as Americans of other age groups, but teens frequently feel as though their emotions are invalid because they are not yet viewed as adults. As a nation oblivious to the anxiety of their youth, society often under-educates adolescents about stress. This results in teens not understanding why they are stressed or what they can do to reduce their stress. It is essential for adolescents to be more aware of their stress levels and how it is probably effecting them. In order to fully appreciate the impact of stress on adolescents, it is important to consider stress’s meaning, causes, effects, and treatments. The first thing needed to understand all aspects of stress is an apprehension of what stress actually is. The word “stress” has many definitions. It can be described as “An internal state which can be caused by physical demands on the body… or by environmental and social situations which are evaluated as potentially harmful, uncontrollable, or exceeding our resource of coping” (Mangal and Mangal 13), or when a person experiences “demands (that) exceed the personal and social resources the individual is able to mobilize” (Lazarus and Folkman 6), or in simpler terms, a biological response to stimulus (“What is Stress” par. 1). For anyone who experiences
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