The Effects Of Stress On An Individual 's Memory Retrieval

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In today’s society, stress is almost impossible to completely eliminate in one’s everyday life. As a college student, stress is especially prevalent across campus. The idea has been imbedded into students’ heads to prepare for tests, exams, etc. in advance to avoid stress that will impair memory, but does the level of stress that one experiences actually have an effect on an individual’s memory retrieval? This experience, amongst many past experiences attempt to study and learn the true effect stress has on one’s memory. These previous studies have formed as a baseline of knowledge and research that have been used to prepare this experiment. In the first study for the current research of this topic by Jelicic, it observes the result that acute stress has on the recall of neutral and emotional words. There was two controls for the experiment; a psychosocial stressor or a control task. Each participant’s level of stress hormone cortisol was measured before and after the presence of the stress, as well as after the test of their memory. The stress presented had an adverse effect on the two types of words. For neutral words, the participant’s memory was impaired, however for emotional words the memory was enhanced (Jelicic). A criticism with this study is that even though the cortisol was measures as what was said to be the main determinant of the effects, they were not mediated by it. The authors decided it did not make sense to guess the effects on the memory were caused by
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