The Effects Of Stress On College Students

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For many students, college is the best time of their lives. However, these “golden ages” can be harmed by stress, and also by various disorders that stress evokes: depression, anxiety, substance abuse and eating disorders. The number of students that suffer from stress is increasing every year. Stress not only has an impact on students physical and mental health but also on their academic performance. Students under stress feel hopeless, sad and so depressed that it seriously affects their daily life. They just want to sit at home and not talk to anybody and procrastinate. The problem of stress should be taken seriously because of these alarming circumstances. Even though stress affects students, it is possible to manage stress at some level and decrease the negative impact on their health. The best way for students to cope with stress is to follow certain stress management techniques. Stress is a real issue among college students, as college life has many causes that evoke stress. Each person responds to stressful situations in a different way: one can get motivated, and another can just panic and procrastinate. However, there are certain stressors that tend to have negative effects on all students, such as romantic relationships, finance problems, deadlines, new levels of independence, social obligations and so on. The list of stressors is infinite. As well as there are many effects of stress. Melissa Cohen, a licensed clinical social worker and certified coach…
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