The Effects Of Stress On Eating Habits

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Over 83% of Americans have reported that they believe that stress is one of the strongest indicators of a person’s health, and 39% of those people have reported engaging in unhealthy eating habits to deal with the stress (Anderson et al., 2011). According to the Henry Miller Group, when people have unhealthy eating habits, it can decrease the brain’s ability to deal with emotional stress (Miller, 2014). It is greatly beneficial for people, including myself, to learn how to handle their stress and eating habits to be better able to handle our daily lives.
Getting rid of stress all together is an unrealistic goal, but learning to manage stress is not (Miller, 2014). Some of the biggest factors that indicate the degree of stress an individual may have are: attitude, physical health, outside interests (hobbies), relationships, their support system, the responsibilities they have and traumatic or big changes (Miller, 2014). People deal with stress in a variety of ways, but some believe the most effective are: focusing on the positive, compromise/flexibility, managing time, avoiding stressful people or situations, expressing feelings, learning to say no, and adjusting expectations (Anderson et al., 2011). Nobody can predict life or carry the world on their shoulders, but they can learn to adapt and have strategies to help them deal with everything.
My Strategies for Stress Management
In the last 6 months, my stress level has drastically increased. I started nursing…
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