The Effects Of Stress On Health And Wellness

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When looking at stress as it pertains to health and wellness, one must have a clear understanding as to what stress is and how it can affect a person. Stress can be caused due to something physical, psychological, or behavioral that the person has encountered. A person can experience stress that is both good and bad. Good stress can help a person boost their energy and give them more alertness. A baseball player may experience good stress. This stress can make them more alert and actually help them make a better play. Unfortunately, not all stress is good and if the bad stress goes untreated, it can be very harmful. If a person allows stress to go untreated, it can make the person develop health problems such as heart disease and/or anxiety problems. Stressors are the things that cause a person to have stress. Stressors can be events that either threaten or challenge the person. Some of the stressors can be having to make a difficult decision, natural disasters, or even getting married. A stress response is something that is the reaction to the stressors. Some examples of a stress response could be the inability to concentrate, anxiety, depression, muscle tension, and headaches (Cherewatenko, 2003). The connection between the stressors and the stress response is not as straight forward as a person may think. There are many factors that can affect that connection. Some of the factors that can effect that connection can be just how the person handles the
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