The Effects Of Stress On High School Students

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Causes and Effects of Stress on High School Students According to Patino (Hoffman 1) stress is one of those things that all people at some time in their life will experience. Many events can cause stress in high school teenagers. Relationships with family and friends, psychological and physical factors, schoolwork and tests, search for job just to name a few. High school students experience stress because their bodies are undergoing Physical and psychological changes they experience in their adolescent stage. This paper will investigate the academic demands, family issues, and self-esteem that cause teenage high school students to develop stress, as well as the causes and that effects every aspect of their lives, as well as causes, and…show more content…
Trying to get admitted into college counts for a great deal of high school teenagers’ stress. It has become very competitive to get into the better colleges. Another area of stress is homework and grades.(Erica 6) It is not recommended to study for long periods of time. This practice can cause you to strain your eyes. It is usually good idea to take breaks periodically in order to rest your eyes. Invest in an ergonomic chair. Uncomfortable seating can cause back pain and neck pain leading to tension headaches. If you are using coffee to keep you alert, do not drink excessively. Students should try to go to bed at a decent hour and eat well in order to avoid headaches (Erica 8). There are many triggers for tension headaches. Headaches are also targeted to gender, age, lifestyle, and health. Anxiety is another stress symptom. High school students can be very emotional, especially if they have issues with attention spans or learning issues (Neighmond 3). They usually experience anxiety. Some signs to be cognitive of might be not using the restroom anywhere other than home, seems to cry a lot, has trouble going to sleep, changes their eating habits suddenly, etc (Neighmond 4). Competition is a stressor and cause of low self-esteem for high school students that causes low self-esteem. Competition can also promote insecurity. Competition in association with school activities serves to not always promote

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