The Effects Of Stress On Learning And Behavior

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EFFECTS OF STRESS ON LEARNING AND BEHAVIOR SUBJECT: PSY181 SUKHDEEP KAUR BHANGU STUDENT ID 4249910 12/9/2014 LEARNING, THINKING AND PROBLEM SOLVING SUBMITTED TO: SUSAN KATZ INTRODUCTION: Even though stress negatively affects physical and mental abilities. Stress is the cause of tensions, overwork and increasing demands. Generally, the Anxiety is a part of our life. We live with it, manage it, or more all stress over it. Our lifestyle, the region in which we live, the economy, and our occupations can result in a lot of anxiety. Not everybody manages the same level of anxiety and there are a few elements that can affect our lives and reason us to have higher or lower anxiety levels. (Feldman, 2009) We can have focused on bringing on by Cataclysmic occasions which, as indicated by Feldman are occasions that can influence numerous individuals in the meantime and are "calamities, for example, tornado and plane accidents, and terrorist assaults". Different components are close to home hassles and can be created by occasions, for example, a separation, passing or a friend or family member or the departure of a vocation. The other class is the thing that Feldman alludes to as foundation hassles and are the things that affect our everyday life. (Feldman, 2009) In medical science terms the definition first put forth by Hans Selye, is the most recognized. He is known as "the father of stress" and was in many ways way ahead of his time when it comes to the science of
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