The Effects Of Stress On Our Body

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Stress is unique to each of us.

Yet the stress experience is one we can all relate to and which has shared qualities. Stress is the tension that we feel within us whenever we feel threatened. When we see something outside of us that is threatening, we tense up in reaction. Imagine yourself as a spring. When everything is going well and you feel safe and secure, your spring is relaxed. But if something unexpected happens that weren 't counting on, you react by tensing up your spring. This creates a tense feeling within. A tense reaction occurs both in our mind and in our emotions. In our mind where we observe what is happening, we interpret what we see as threatening. Our perception of a threat triggers an emotional reaction. The emotion that we often feel is fear.

But it doesn 't stop there. The emotional reaction initiates an alarm reaction in our body. This alarm reaction within our physical body is programmed in. Whenever we experience anything stressful, our body runs the same program. Our body 's physical responses to stress are often referred to by researchers as the "stress response".

The body 's stress response.

The stress response-our body 's programmed response to any experience of a threat-starts in the brain. Within the brain is an area called the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus controls all of the body functions that we are not aware of. Things like blood pressure, heart rate, blood flow, secretion of stomach acids, kidney filtration of urine, liver secretion
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