The Effects Of Stress On Our Lives

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The Effects of Stress Stress is something we all feel at some level throughout our lives. It doesn 't care if you are a student, parent, a blue or white collar worker, millionaire or poor, or even human or animal. In animals, it can be seen in their fight or flight reactions to perceived dangers. We have this same reaction to danger and it is a form of stress, but stress comes in other forms as well and, regardless of the cause, the chemicals released into our bodies are identical. In small doses, stress can motivate us to work harder and faster to obtain our goals. However, when it is unending and prolonged over the course of weeks, months or even years, it can eventually take physical and psychological tolls on us that may require medical intervention. There are steps that can be taken before stress reaches this level. Everyone needs to be able to spot the early signs of stress so they can more easily detect when they have reached the point where they need to step back and reevaluate what is going on in their lives in order to effectively reduce the effects of stress. A major cause of stress is work. In an article by Jacky Steemson, entitled "Managing Stress" (2013), we find the 2013 results of Europe 's Occupational Safety and Health Association 's poll on work related stress. The poll included 31 countries and 16,622 workers across Europe. Out of those 16,622 workers, fifty-one percent, or approximately 8,477, said stress was common in their workplace. An
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