The Effects Of Stress On Stress Management

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Stress is part of life and can be negative or positive. While a person does not always have control over the stressors in one’s life, he or she does have control over how one chooses to handle them. Stress management is a key element to having a rewarding, pleasant life. Recognizing the signs of oncoming stress or stressful situations, using techniques to eliminate or minimize the stress, and accepting that stress is an everyday human experience can help a person better deal with the effects. This paper explores the causes of stress and methods used to alleviate stress. Stress Management
I have always had a tendency to be a stressful person, for as long as I can remember. It is my nature; I am a worrier, a perfectionist, and a Type A personality. I like to plan ahead and prepare. This is partly a result of my childhood experiences and family dynamics. My father never planned for anything. Consequently, when he had a heart attack at forty-six there was no back-up plan. My mother had always been a homemaker and had no marketable skills. My father decided to take early retirement instead of working the desk job the steel mill offered him and lived the rest of his life with no concern about his family or how they would survive. It was tough and still is. My father is gone, and my mother barely manages to survive. I decided that would never happen to me. I spent twenty years honing my songwriting skills back when there was the possibility it would…
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