The Effects Of Stress On Students With Stress Management

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Relief Stress is something everyone deals with on different levels and in different ways. Stress can originate from daily hassles, bad time management, and big life changing decisions. College is where all three of these appear to meet; whether it be deciding what career to chase, the impending terror of midterms, or what to eat for lunch stress is surrounding college students. If universities do not look into ways of helping students with stress management, than students are not only at risk of a rough college experience but they are possible health issues. The University of Oklahoma has taken into consideration that stress affects its students; they have posted a guide line of signs of stress and how to deal with it on the OU Police Department page. My question is why is the information on the OUPD site instead of where it can be more visible? Do students even know about the page and is the page even mentioned to incoming freshmen? Are there ways the university prepares or informs students of the stress they may deal with while in college? With the current page titled College Stress buried in the OU police department webpage not many people are going to find the page. For someone to find this page they would need to go to the OUPD web page and look under the first-aid and health tab to find the information. The information on the site is divided up into four categories; the first one is Effects of Stress on Your Body, followed by Warning Signs Of Stress, Causes of
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