The Effects Of Stress On The Human Body

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No matter how different each human being is from another, from the fingerprints to the eye and hair color, every human being experiences stress at some point within their life, but what exactly is stress? Stress is “a state of mental tension and worry caused by problems in life, work, etc.; something that causes strong feelings of worry or anxiety” (Definition of Stress). Angela Farrehi also says this about what stress is and some of its causes, “Stress has been conceptualized in a number of ways. Specifically, it can be conceptualized as an accumulation of major life events, or an accumulation of small, minor events (hassles). Stress can be conceptualized as a single event, such as a serious accident, or as a chronic situation, such as a physical disability or poverty” (Farrehi). With the definition of stress being known as well as some of the causes, what are some of the effects of stress on the human body? There are some negative effects and there are some positive effects, both physical and psychological.
There are a lot of side-effects on the body that occur after enduring stress for a prolonged amount of time, these effects can be split into two sections: physical and psychological. . The more obvious of the two categories of stress on the body is the physical aspects of stress. A few of the most known physical symptoms of stress are gastric ulcers and heart problems: “When faced with frequent, severe stress, the body fails to shut off the automatic responses fast
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