The Effects Of Stress On The Human Body

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Stress may affect many adults on a daily basis, but to effectively reduce stress, one must understand the contributing factors and proper reduction techniques. After taking a stress self-assessment on, I answered multiple questions related to my life. The results yielded a particularly high score of 316. According to the Holmes and Rahe stress scale (1967), This score puts me in a category where a high probability of my health becoming affected in the future exists. I was caught off guard by these results; I did not feel my stress levels were overwhelming, or at a level where my body and mind would be at risk to suffer any type of damage. I now find myself aware of this possibility after further researching the different type of stress and factors involved. Stress impacts the human body while also affecting motivation and emotion, but understanding the psychology of stress may help one overcome the daily issues caused by stressors. The human body may present health concerns when a person encounters stress. Research has shown the brain is prone to changes when chronic stress is present. An online video titled, “Psychology media suite” (2008), discusses research on the brain of mice and how stress showed shrinking of the portion of the brain associated with learning and memory. Not only do physiological changes occur within the body when stress is prevalent, but according to Kotz (2008), “When the overload becomes chronic, heart disease, depression, and an
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