The Effects Of Stress On The Workplace

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Emotions in the workplace play a crucial role in how organizations communicate within and to the outside world. Emotional states in the workplace have strong influence on the outcomes and dictates behaviors and attitudes within organizations. Positive emotions help employees attain favorable outcomes including job enrichment, achievement and higher quality social context. There is smooth relationship in the workplace when there are positive emotions. Negative emotions on the other hand change the attitude of employees towards work. They become pessimists and unmotivated and this attitude negatively affect performance. Negative attitudes may cause employees not to achieve anything. The goal of the organizations therefore is to cultivate positive emotions in the workplace. Negative emotions should be replaced with positive ones. Negative emotions are actually caused by workplace stress. In fact workplace stress is the mother of all negative emotions. It is the source of conflict and burnout. Dealing with workplace stress is therefore a way to cultivate positive emotions in the workplace. The effects of stress in the workplace Stress disrupts the capability of workers to render quality service to the community. Health and stress are related. Stress has an adverse effect on the wellbeing of an individual. Stress can negatively affect the mental, social and physical wellbeing of a person. Stress reduces the attention span of a person, making him incapable of rational judgment
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