The Effects Of Stress On Your Health

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Being a nurse, I know that continual stress is harmful to your health. Stress can result in headaches, stomach aches, gastrointestinal problems and also mental problems, just to name a few. It is important to keep stress at low levels to prevent it from harming your body. Stress can be tolerated if managed properly. People need to know when stress becomes too much to avoid the harmful effects to their bodies. Some stress is unavoidable, but some types of stress are not unavoidable. We all have some type of stress in our lives on a daily basis. Currently in my life, I believe the most stress I have right now is finishing my bachelor degree. After this semester, I will have seven more classes to take. It seems as if it is an…show more content…
First, having a plan to complete my degree is controlled. I have mapped out which classes I will take in each semester going forward. I am able to take as many or as little classes as I can to incorporate them into my schedule and other demands of life. Currently I am taking nine credits. I will also take nine credits next semester. I have determined that three classes is a load that I can carry while balancing life and work demands. Second, I have to keep in mind that these classes are full semester classes, which each class is over a 16 week span. I have determined what my schedule is and how much time is required to complete the classes and course work. Another aspect that is under my control is planning. I am able to plan what classes I will take and when I will take them. Some classes require a prerequisite, while others do not. I have to make sure that I complete the classes in order so that I do not have additional stress later on by finding out that I need a certain class that I did not already take. There are a few aspects of this situation that are not under my control. I do not have control of how many weeks the classes run. It would be nice if the classes were only five weeks long, therefore, I could take more classes in a semester. Since the classes are 16 weeks long, it will take me longer to finish my degree. Because this situation is not able to be controlled by me, I do not have to stress over it because there is
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