The Effects Of Substance Abuse And Addiction Essay

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Anyone that 's living in today’s society should be bothered by the use of drugs in the world. But do we as citizen bother to make a difference and take a stand against drug abuse. Drug abuse not only affects the person, but also have an impact on the people around them. Substance abuse and addiction can affect different things in life that a lot of people don 't make aware of, such as destroyed and broken families, ending careers, deaths, domestic violence, child abuse, and physical abuse. Throughout this paper I will refer to my interviewer as Mr. Officer. He is 32 years old, single, and have three years of European college education. He does not have any children. As far as socioeconomic status he is working class, who comes from poverty like majority of our black folks. But he chose to make a difference by thinking outside the box and he became a police officer. Also he’s a CEO of Mac 's & Gross Property Management LLC. Not only is he the police officer that takes a stand against drug abuse, but also the voice we need to hear. The purpose of this interview is to get the insides of how a drug abuser can have an impact on society and what Mr. Officer can do to make the changes we need in the communities. I relished the opportunity to ask Mr. Officer a collage of questions that were relevant to the main purpose of my interview. The main focus was to get his opinion on drug abuse and what changes can be made to better society. I chose Mr. Officer because he 's

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