The Effects Of Substance Abuse On A Person 's Life Essay

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We all know people who have used or been around substances during their lifetime. We can even categorize these people as the person who is having a good time at a party, or the person who is a drunk and or drug dealer. It also doesn’t come as a shock to us when we find out these people taking the substances too far are now in rehab. But what distinguishes this fine line between the person socializing at a party to the person withdrawing in rehab? As certain substances are generally known to create an addiction leading to abusive behavior, why do certain people feel the need to dedicate their lives to these substances knowing the potential outcome? Many factors play into the prevalence of substance abuse in a person’s life. From the moment a person is born into this world, social experiences and interactions start molding that person into the individual they predominantly are classified as. With that being said, researchers have found that traumatic experiences and dysfunction endured at a young age is highly correlated with the abuse of substances later in life. Trauma may include the child enduring any type of abuse, or neglect and a breakage in bonds with others to cause negative emotions that predominantly lead to posttraumatic stress disorder. The fist point to be viewed is how trauma endured at a young age impacts a child, which then leads to PTSD and statistical data providing differences between gender and drugs along with the prevalence between childhood abuse
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