The Effects Of Substance Abuse On Children

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Everyone is familiar with bullying, it’s almost like a rite of passage for most Americans; we see it in movies and are all-too familiar with it. We typically don’t think about the consequences of bullying, but studies have shown that students who are bullied at school in grades 7-12 are 50% more likely to abuse substances (Promises Treatment Center). Bullying is the act of physical or verbal tormenting over a set amount of time, usually targeted at one person or a group of people. Bullying is an international issue that ruins the victim 's emotional well-being. Those who are victims of bullying can turn to drugs or other substances as a form of coping; people who bully can be shown to have abusive tendencies with these substances as well.…show more content…
Students who report being bullied weekly tend to be heavier drinkers compared to those who were not bullied (Tharp-Taylor). This shows that students are more vulnerable to abuse substances because they are at the age in which they don’t feel comfortable talking to their parents, or want to try to deal with their own problems, so they turn to alcohol which can be easily accessible from a cabinet at home. Not only do victims of bullying abuse alcohol, but studies have shown that 30% of students who have been bullied also smoke marijuana (Promises Treatment Center). This study shows that students get high to self medicate so that they don’t have to deal with their low self-esteem. Low self-esteem due to bullying can stick with the victim throughout high school and sometimes even their whole life. Not only do victims suffer from substance abuse, but their aggressors as well. Bullies are just as likely to abuse substances as well as their victims. In a study conducted, 11.4% of middle school students who bully are reported to have used marijuana, and in high school, those numbers almost triple to 31.7%. When testing for alcohol and cigarette abuse, the numbers are almost identical (Besson). This suggests that bullies are just as vulnerable, if not more vulnerable, to abuse substances than their victims. It’s apparent that throughout the years bullies feel more
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