The Effects Of Sucrose On Minimizing Acute Pain

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Neonates were once thought to be too developmentally immature to experience pain, it has been now understood that neonates even if very premature are able to process pain sensations and respond to that pain (Boyle, 2011). Although it is now understood that neonates can sense pain, it has been found that procedures have not changed to adequately address pain in the neonate. It has been found that pain in neonates that is over a long period or multiple acute pain experiences has long term effects on how pain is perceived into childhood (Boyle, 2011). One intervention that has been found to decrease pain experienced by a neonate is sucrose. It has been found that sucrose takes about two minutes to take effect and provides an analgesic…show more content…
The method used was double blind randomized control study, the neonates were placed into either the experimental or control group by computer. The study was conducted by registered nurses who all had at least two years of experience in the NICU as a staff nurse. The nurse obtaining the study data remained blind to whether the patient received the intervention of sucrose or not, by stepping out of the room while the patients primary nurse opened up an envelope containing information if the patient was to receive 0.5mL of sucrose or not. The primary nurse would then administer the sucrose if indicated prior to the nurse collecting data for the study would return. The sucrose was administered between one and three minutes prior to the arterial puncture procedure. Every neonate was swaddled for the procedure and a pacifier was held in place lightly while the arterial puncture was performed. The nurse investigator would obtain the NIPS score, heart rate, and oxygen saturation, after the needle was inserted and then one minute after completion of the procedure. Milazzo, et al. (2011), found that the average gestation of the neonate in this study was 33.8 weeks and there was no difference in age of gestation for the experimental or control groups. The NIPS score was found to be between zero and three
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