The Effects Of Sunscreen And Sunblock On Skin Cancer

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According to the Skin Cancer Foundation nearly 5 million people are treated yearly for skin cancer. Skin cancer is caused by many different factors, but the most common cause of skin cancer is exposure to the sun. There are many precautions people can take when it comes to being outdoors in the sun for long periods of time. Some of these precautions are: wearing clothing that blocks UV radiation, trying to stay in the shade when possible, and of course wearing either sunscreen or sunblock. It is important that people are informed and aware of the differences between sunscreen and sunblock, they are not the same thing! Those who need to be aware and alert about the differences of sunscreen and sunblock are those living in California. According to a chart found in “Cancer Facts and Figures 2014,” published by the American Cancer Society, California has 8,440 cases for skin cancer which puts California as the number one state with skin cancer cases. When walking into a store people tend to go for the cheapest item on the shelf without reading the label, which is usually sunscreen. They believe that either one is good enough to protect them from the sun. According to the definition by Merriam Webster both sunscreen and sunblock are lotions that protect you from getting sunburned. The only difference is that sunblock physically blocks out UV radiation and sunscreen chemically absorbs UV radiation.
The history of Sunscreen dates back to 1938. The New York Times states, “ 1938: A…

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