The Effects Of Task Oriented Training On Mobility Function

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Purpose and Significance The purpose of the study is clearly stated in the research article as being “…to examine the effects of task-oriented training on mobility function in children with cerebral palsy” (p. 308). No significance statement was in the report, however, it can be suggested that the significance was found in how much improvement is attainable for children with cerebral palsy with the task-oriented strength training therapy. Background/Literature Review and Theoretical Framework The researchers begin by defining what cerebral palsy is and how it affects children. The other research this article is using is somewhat up to date. The article uses sources dating back to the early 1990s after being published in 2009, using data that is almost 20 years old. The background and literature review goes through multiple sources to determine what is known and not known about strength training for children with cerebral palsy, and also notes that other research regarding task-oriented strength training for children with cerebral palsy has been conducted but the findings could not be generalized because of the control and comparison groups were small and the training program was small (p. 308). There was no theoretical framework stated in the article, just following how other researchers have performed their experiments as well as determining what questions have already been answered. Research Question/Hypothesis No research question of hypothesis is clearly stated in
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