The Effects Of Technology On Children And Teenagers

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To this day and age, we see more and more children and teenagers craving technology. We now see ten year olds with their own iPhones. This has caused many children and teenagers to become addicted to technology. For this reason, technology exposure limitations should abide. What ever happened to only calling and texting on a phone? “A recent meta-analysis of post studies led by researchers at the University of Exter, U.K., suggests that men who store their phones in their pockets risk exposing themselves to radiation levels that may and also lower sperm levels”(Holmes). Technology damages people’s minds, bodies, and lives, and should limit the use of technology for children and teenagers.
As a matter of fact, technology today is causing many people to result in sleep issues and or depression and anxiety. Many studies have been concluded on sleep loss due to the cause of people wanting to check their mobile devices or phones for text messages or instant messages. “Two hundred thirty six college students completed self-report questionnaires and week long sleep diaries. Results revealed that 47 percent of students reported night-time waking to answer text messages and 40 percent to answer phone calls”(Adams and Kisler). This test was based off of college students who need their sleep. Many hours of class and then not very much sleep, due to staying awake on technology, can lower their grades. The cause of this you might ask, is because they do not pay attention in class…
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