The Effects Of Technology On Children

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Sometimes it can be difficult for a parent or babysitter to watch a child, so they give the toddler a tablet or send him or her into a room to watch cartoons. Many factors come into play that causes the caregiver to let the child wander into the world of technology. Many individuals do so because it is the fastest and simplest way to remove the child out of their hair. The effects of technology do not only take a tole on toddlers but teenagers as well. Most of the effects take place during the ages of zero to eighteen because of the lack of brain development. However, they can also affect anyone beyond eighteen. Although it may be less time consuming to give a child a device to play with instead of reading or drawing with them, the effects of too much screen time may sway the public to reconsider the way their child’s extra time is being used. A child’s social aspect of their lives can be dramatically altered due to the amount of time they spend sending text messages or playing video games. Many toddlers and even newborns are being addressed to play online activities: “A quick search of the Apple app store finds over 5,000 apps targeting toddlers and over 1,000 apps that target newborns” (Ernest et al. 1). It is astonishing how companies such as Apple are targeting children to participate in their gaming apps. Children at this specific age range should not be on their radar. Young children need human communication in order for their brain to develop properly: “Early brain
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